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Lure’s Classic Jeggings are Taking Over

by Lure Fitness Admin 08 Jul 2019

Gone are the days the navel hugging, butt flattening, stone-washed, cardboard mom jeans. Lure’s best-selling classic jeggings are taking over--and they are the most versatile pants ever. , our jeggings are an essential piece to every wardrobe and are made from our high stretch and durable lycra blend. You will never see your old jeans quite the same way again and here’s why:

Figure flattering and curve-loving

Our jeggings offer the extraordinary ability to accentuate curves while flattening and shaping at the waist for a stunning hourglass effect. They are jeans and shapewear in one pair of amazing pants. We believe that everybody is beautiful and deserves to be showcased with love. Building confidence by transforming and illuminating the beauty that is already there--that’s the essence of Lure’s mission.

You’ll look at denim and laugh

Your old jeans will become a forgotten relic of the past. You will never be able to look at them the same again, let alone wear them! Our jeggings offer the look and feel of true denim while offering extreme comfort and flexibility. Ditch the zipper for pull-on pants, and you will never go back.

Dress them up or down and all around

Jeggings are chic, simple, and clean. Dress them up with heels and a blazer for a professional presentation. Wear a crop top and tennis shoes for a casual outfit of the day. Mix and match for an endless wardrobe of possibilities! Our jeggings fit perfectly smooth under any top without the bunching and bumpy effect of regular jeans.

You can wear them to work out

Yes, really. Our jeggings are so comfortable and flexible you can wear them as workout gear. Offering the same range of motion and durability as our classic leggings, our jeggings can be worn as a fashionable and functional gym accessory. Made from our incredibly soft lycra blend, they easily go from the gym to the street.

Made for real women

Designed to be worn by women in all spheres of life--whether you have five kids or no kids, you are 15 or 50, our jeggings are made for you. Comfortable and functional while maintaining remarkable classic style and beauty, there’s a reason why these are our best-sellers. Our jeggings are the essence or Lure’s message to the world: self-love, acceptance, and the beauty in all.

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