Founder's Note

I believe  a woman  can be who she wants to be and enjoy every fase on her life she doesnt need to choose between being one OR the other.

She can be strong AND gentle, powerful AND humble, fierce AND kind.

This appreciation for balance inspired my vision for Lure. 

Born and raised in Southern Brazil, the daughter of a very successful businessman. I studied Phisical Education before moving to Chicago in 1998 then moved to Northwestern California in 2000 where I studied yoga and taught for over 14 years. Living in an ultra health-centric city, I learned to balance productivity and wellness as my lifestyle began to evolve.

Unfortunately, when it came to shopping for workout gear, I found racks of ill-fitting leggings and sports bras that felt neither feminine nor fashionable.  With an understanding of the female form through my experience in dress design, I set out to create active wear that harmonized fashion, form and fitness.

In 2011, Lure launched its first collection of edgy, feminine silhouettes made from our signature line of high-tech fabrics. Through a design-with-purpose approach to contemporary fashion, our luxe-athleisure pieces balance technical innovation and iconic designs to fit the active lifestyle of today's modern woman.