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January 07, 2019 2 min read

Every woman has one pair of jeans or a white T-shirt in her closet. This is not new and is almost an obligation for all people who love fashion. Dressing well is not only about following trends every season, but choosing properly clothes that fit your body well. They transmit your real style!

Having a healthier life and a beautiful body today is a particular part of the women’s world, this way she feels good and in balance with herself. Fashion tells us a lot about feeling happy and more satisfied sometimes, and this concept also fits into the fitness environment.


From the moment we decide to go to the gym or workout to change our body, the best way to keep focused and feel great when you look in the mirror is to wear quality and amazing clothes and make it a pleasure for you.

What is the best motivation to go to the gym or running at the park, if not a huge and inspiring fashionable look?


Fashion has once again entered the fitness business, and everyday new brands appear in the windows with incredible fabrics and innovative designs, providing comfort and practicality in daily life. Big brands in the market create fitness collections of their products and make partnerships with endorsers and celebrities that disseminate information and sources of power and opinion.

The workout leggings have become a part of the routine at the gym and on outdoor walks. Day by day – for the workaholic and hurried life – there’s not enough time, and the question comes: What to wear with workout leggings every day? Follow these styles and tips to get inspired:

T-SHIRTS: If you like comfort and light clothing, shirts and tank tops are a great option for doing exercise. They don’t make the movements in working-out difficult. Give preference to fabrics that have good absorption and quick drying.

SPORTS BRAS: They should give you support during the workout, especially in high impact running. Women that have large breasts should wear tops or sports bras with thick straps and without a neckline on the front for protection and comfort. Woman with small breasts can opt for thinner handles and designs with elaborate details, but in the end, the most important aspect is comfort.

Blouses and jackets: During cooler seasons, it is important to carry a blouse in your handbag as an ally for some situations before or after working out. It makes it easy to put on a style for your day and protects you.

Outside the gym: You can match your workout leggings with basic clothes that you wear every day, but don’t forget: be careful with the mix that you will create. Use common sense in your look. Workout leggings and informal occasions can mix, but you need to analyze the occasion.

Extra Tips: You can use your look and style with workout leggings to give focus to accessories or a stylish handbag, in case you’re not going to the gym.