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August 01, 2019 2 min read

One of the qualities that makes Lure Fitness so unique is our amazing hand-picked fabrics. We pride ourselves in our unique designs made from absolutely the highest quality material available. No two of our fabrics are created equal but they are all fabulous and showcase distinct class.

Our materials range in weight from light and airy to thick and shaping, depending on your preference for the time of year. Regardless, all of our designs are breathable and incredibly soft with thermoregulating capabilities. Every one of our materials offers extreme support to sculpt and contour curves.

This is the Lure difference that sets us apart from all other fitness apparel brands.

This year has brought exceptional technology and amazing materials. A new favorite is our new Brazilian Honeycomb Suplex Lycra Blend. This fabric is the bees knees because it maintains the quality and supportive capabilities of our other blends but contributes a glorious texture that appeals to the senses.

Texture is a wonderful way to enhance your look as provides extra definition to curves and muscle, while hiding any hints of imperfections. This fabric is a winner for women of all shapes and sizes.

Our V-Shape Bubble Leggings and matching strappy sports bra are a must-have set that incorporates the beautiful benefits of the Brazilian Honeycomb fabric.

The seamed leggings feature a v-cut, hour-glass enhancing waist, accentuated by our curve building material. These leggings truly hide every imperfection for a fit and athletic look. The honeycomb texture creates a beautiful and shapely finish.

The super supportive matching sports bra is seriously sexy with a strappy decolletage. This look is the perfect addition to every fitness fanatic’s wardrobe. The textured fabric makes this set truly unique and compliments to all shapes and figures.