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July 15, 2019 2 min read

Fun and practical, the jumpsuit also has a pretty amazing history of empowering women. Rocked by Rosie the Riveter herself, the one-piece wonder symbolizes women’s independence and self-determination. Originally a functional replacement for inconvenient dresses and skirts, the modern day jumpsuit has become bolder, prouder and even more powerful--and the world is loving it.

Lure’s signature jumpsuits are brilliantly unique and exceptionally functional. Quality fabrics are hand selected, valuing durability, comfort, and sustainability. We meticulously design every piece, carefully contemplating every detail. Our jumpsuits are also a favorite around the world among dancers and fitness enthusiasts alike--here’s why:

Feminine and Practical

We call them a one-piece wonder for a reason. Our jumpsuits can be worn as a complete look and still be hair-raising hot. They also embrace the essence of the female body by showcasing and enhancing curves of all shapes and sizes. Our high-tech material functions to create a smooth and impeccable silhouette.


Our jumpsuits can be worn in several ways, from the studio to the street. Add spice with strappy stilettos or wear tennis shoes for a more casual style. Throw on a light jacket for a night on the town or wear one around the waist to divide up the look. The possibilities are endless!

...and SO Comfortable

Whether you are a yogi, dancer, or fitness fanatic, our jumpsuits are the most comfortable and supportive active-wear on the market. Our curve-hugging design uses high-compression technology for extreme support. Our material is also moisture-wicking and antibacterial.


Lure’s signature jumpsuits are truly unique. We offer several designs from dramatic and sultry to powerful and athletic. Choose to be bold and colorful or sleek and sexy in one of our liquid-black pieces. Show off your figure or show some skin--we have a look for everyone and everybody.


Lure embraces empowering women by enhancing the female body in all forms. Our jumpsuits ARE a woman. We are bold, powerful, unique, and strong! What you wear matters. Let Lure be your guide!